About us

The Port Jackson Greens is a local group of the Greens NSW and the Australian Greens Party. We live in the former Leichhardt Local Government Area in the inner-west of Sydney, which includes the suburbs of Balmain, Birchgrove, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Lilyfield and Annandale.

Our group focuses on campaigning at a local, state, national and international level for a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable world.

Local campaigns

Locally The Greens have been campaigning for: protection of public open space and mental health facilities at Callan Park, a masterplan for the inner western harbour, extending the light rail line to Leichhardt and Balmain, incentives to encourage local households to be more energy and water efficient, improved cycleways, a stop to over-development and better maintenance of local parks and roads.

State campaigns

The Member of the NSW Parliament for the seat of Balmain is the Greens’ Jamie Parker who was elected in 2011. The NSW Greens also have 5 elected members of the Upper House of the NSW parliament. The Port Jackson Greens group works closely with these MPs on campaigns for: improved public transport and cycleways, a transition to renewable energy, better water and energy efficiency in homes, businesses and government offices, a greater community say in urban planning and development, a ban on corporate political donations, stopping the privatisation of the electricity system and increasing resources for public schools and hospitals.

National campaigns

The Australian Greens have 9 Senators in the Australian parliament, including Lee Rhiannon from NSW. The Port Jackson Greens group works closely with these Senators on campaigns for: increased investment in and incentives for the switch to renewable energy, more sustainable use of water, land rights and improved services for indigenous Australians, fair and humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, an end to the mining and export of uranium.

International campaigns

The Australian Greens are part of a network of Greens parties around the world that are working together on international issues like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting endangered species, stopping the destruction of rainforests, protecting the Antarctic from mining.

Constitution of The Port Jackson Greens

The Constitution of the Port Jackson Greens outlines and guides many aspects of the way our group operates, our accountability and responsibilities to our members, our association to the Australian Greens and our commitment to Grassroots democracy.

You can download a copy of the Constitution here –  Constitution of The Port Jackson Greens (PDF 225k)