Callan Park Skate Park

callan-park-master-planCallan Park has been described as a ‘Jewel of the Inner West’. Successive State Government have attempted to sell off parts of this jewel over the years but were stopped by widespread community outrage and activism.

Once this was achieved Leichhardt Council agreed upon a Callan Park Master Plan that was designed and agreed upon after extensive consultation with the community.

The Callan Park Skate Park is an integral part of this Master Plan and is a widely supported and much needed piece recreational infrastructure. Indeed many in the community have been working for years to realise it’s completion.

Community groups and residents have expressed their disappointment the Heritage Council recent rejection of Leichhardt Council development application for the Skate Park.

Whilst the Heritage Council has expressed significant concerns with the Skate Park Leichhardt Council should be able to work with the Heritage Council to alleviate these concerns and make modifications to the skate park that will progress this important project to completion.

At Tuesday night’s Council meeting the Greens will be seeking to move the following urgency motion.

That Council;

  1. Expresses its disappointment with the decision of the Heritage Council Approvals Committee to recommend a refusal of DA No. D/2015/682 which includes the construction of a skate park at Callan Park.
  2. Along with the Mayor request an urgent meeting with the Heritage Council with a view to resolving issues raised in the letter of 16 March 2016 and that other interested Councillors be invited to attend this meeting.
  3. Reaffirms its commitment to the construction of a skate park at Callan Park.
  4. Notes that the Heritage Council encourages consultation “with them early in the process for any future proposals for Callan Park”.