Labor delays support for workers’ rights

Leichhardt Labor Councillors have finally voted to support a policy aimed at protecting council workers jobs in the event of a forced amalgamations.

Labor Councillors originally opposed the policy to sign a Memorandum of understanding with the United Service Union that would see workers jobs protected for 5 years if Leichhardt Council was forced to amalgamate.

“With the fate of our Council still in the balance one of the things we need to try to do is protect the jobs of our staff”. Said Greens Leichhardt Councillor Craig Channells.

“Labor supposedly stands up for workers’ rights and it was frankly bizarre that they didn’t vote for this the first time around when it was proposed by former Greens Mayor Rochelle Porteous”.

“I can only guess that there was some political motive behind the decision but all the delay has done is helped create uncertainty amongst staff.”

“Labor Mayor Darcy Byrne has forged a coalition with the Local Liberal Party and the decision not to originally support the MOU is something you’d expect from the Liberals”.