Leichhardt Council endorses Greens motion for affordable housing project

hay streetAt Tuesday’s Leichhardt Council meeting, Greens Councillor Daniel Kogoy won support to proceed with detailed investigations into supported and affordable housing built in the air space above a council car park.

Council agreed to commence discussions with a community housing provider about an agreement for lease and development permitting construction and sub lease of supported and affordable housing at the Hay Street car park in Leichhardt.

Councillor Kogoy first moved a motion back in 2011 to investigate utilising the air space above the Hay Street car park as a way of Council helping to address the shortage of supported and affordable housing in the Leichhardt area.

“I am aware that for over five years many local families have been desperate for nearby supported accommodation for their adult children with intellectual disability. It has been a hard fought and at times incredibly frustrating process for people already under strain.

“This decision was a significant breakthrough with Council voting to commence discussions with a community housing provider. There is a severe shortage of supported and affordable housing in our community and right across Sydney. This project has the potential to go some way towards addressing this issue locally.

“The project will also be a catalyst for further urban renewal of the area when it delivers a high quality community housing development. Affordable and supported housing, along with the opening up of the nearby laneways and bicycle links will renew the area considerably.

“I look forward to working closely with all stakeholders as this innovative and socially just project continues to progress,” said Cr Kogoy.

“The Balaclava Community Housing in the City of Port Phillip is fantastic example of the possibilities for the Hay Street Car Park project”

Balaclava Community Housing: