Leichhardt Greens Councillors applaud strong position on Refugee Welcome Centre in Callan Park

assylumLast night Leichhardt Council voted to request federal funding for a Refugee Welcome Centre located in Callan Park.

“What is pleasing is that we now have a win-win result with Leichhardt Council supporting not only the funding request for a Refugee Welcome Centre but also calling for an end to offshore processing, children in detention and mandatory detention.” said Greens Councillor Rochelle Porteous.

“Leichhardt Greens Councillors know how important this issue is to our local community which is why Leichhardt Council will now be advocating not only for the establishment of a Refugee Welcome Centre but will also be standing up for the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.“ Cr Craig Channells

“We believe the Refugee Welcome Centre aligns well with the Callan Park Masterplan which identifies Callan Park as a future Centre of Excellence in Mental Health. We also believe that the council needs to take a strong policy position on refugees and asylum seekers so it is particularly pleasing that we achieved this last night.” said Cr Daniel Kogoy.

Labor, Liberal and Independent Councillors are now supporting the Greens call for an end to offshore processing, children in detention and mandatory detention.

Leichhardt Council is a Welcome Refugee Zone Council – one of 51 councils here in NSW and 124 councils across Australia. Welcome Refugee Zone Councils must commit to upholding the human rights – all the human rights – of refugees and asylum seekers.

“If we can get this right then so can the Federal Government. Leichhardt Council is listening to its community and taking a strong humanitarian approach to refugees as a result. ”

“We support for a Refugee Welcome Centre and equally we are standing up for asylum seekers and refugees and calling for an immediate end to offshore processing, mandatory detention and children in detention.” Cr Rochelle Porteous.