Safety win for pedestrians and cyclists along Victoria Road

Victoria Road Buss SheltersPedestrian and Cyclist safety is to be significantly improved following a successful campaign by The Greens & Leichhardt Council to have advertising billboards removed from bus shelters along Victoria Road.

“The billboards attached to bus shelters have long been a safety risk for both pedestrians and cyclists.” Said Greens’ Councillor Craig Channells

“Commuters waiting for a bus have had to move into the path of oncoming cyclists so as to peer around the billboard of the adjacent bus shelter. When doing this they have been unable to see cyclists approaching from behind.”

“There have been similar safety issues for cyclist with commuters and pedestrians suddenly appearing from behind behind an obstructing billboard.”

“The bus shelter neat Terry Street has been a good example of this conflict and most regular commuters have had a near miss”

The issue was created when the previous state government upgraded Victoria Road without addressing some of these key safety concerns.

Advertising signs are now in the process of being replaced with clear glass giving better view for everyone. The narrower panels will also mean a wider gap between Victoria Rd and the shelters. “This wider gap will also make it easier for passengers in wheelchairs to get past the billboards which has been a safety issue as well”. Said Clr. Channells.

“This campaign has taken has been going for over 12 months but improvements have started to take place and it’s good to see the bus shelter providers finally agreeing to the improvements and making safety a priority.”